Call for Papers opened: Predictability and Flexibility in ATM

In 2024 we would like to continue our series of our InterFAB research workshops in Zagreb! Therefore, FAB CE and FABEC are welcoming proposals from academics, scientists and industry experts to submit their papers. We have teamed up with University of Zagreb and the German Aviation Research Society to have the forum focused on predictability and flexibility as central aspects for the quality of the operational service provided to civil and military airspace users. The workshop is scheduled to be held on 18/19 April 2024 in Zagreb/Croatia.

Call for Papers

FABEC COOs and airlines discussed results of the FABEC Customer Satisfaction Survey 2022/2023

The FABEC ANSPs have successfully conducted the 2022/2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey and would like to thank all participants for their contributions.
As a next step, the FABEC ANSPs invited the airlines and CFSPs to discuss the conclusions in more detail with a focus on the following derived issues: RAD restrictions within FABEC; tools/portals of FABEC ANSPs at NM level; flight planning with special focus on CFSPs; CDO/CCO operations within FABEC; and communication.
The meeting took place 16th of May at Geneva Airport.
The invitation, agenda and all presentations are available below:


Member States reconfirm their commitment to FABEC

The Director Generals for Civil Aviation of the six States reconfirmed the importance of FABEC and the objective to work towards to an operationally seamless airspace.

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Behind the scenes

Gain an insight into one of our control centers! Skyguide’s Pierre-Etienne Lévêque, Head of ACC West / Geneva, talks about the challenges he’s currently facing.


Horizontal flight efficiency proves successful

The first and foremost strategic objective of all FABEC partners is to ensure that flying is safe. However, they are also committed to improving the efficiency and performance of their airspace and to reducing the environmental impact of aviation, i.e. by keeping delays to a minimum or optimising flight profiles. Our data snapshots show the FABEC performance in 2022 – such as last year’s horizontal flight efficiency.

More about Horizontal Flight Efficiency
Fast Facts Library

Our Data Cockpit gives you easy access to many different types of data from the ATC world. Year-to-date and monthly views of movement figures, delay performance and flight efficiency are frequently updated and allow you to compare developments and evaluate traffic, delay and environmental patterns. We will continue to expand the topics included over time.

Data Cockpit


Innovation is key for a dynamic industry such as aviation.

Thus, the interactive map gives an overview of ongoing or planned projects contributing to the FABEC performances targets. It lists local or multilateral projects of the FABEC partners deemed relevant to the FABEC achievement.

Interactive map


Research WorkshopClimate Change Documentation of Research Workshop in Vilnius available

In October about hundred experts from all over Europe gathered in Vilnius to provide their insights on this very important, but also extremely complex issue of climate change in aviation. Having in mind the outstanding contributions and discussion a documentation has been compiled aiming to share the results of the workshop.

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  • Punctuality

    On time arrival means efficiency and customer satisfaction

    Timely, reliable flight schedules ensure passengers reach their destinations on time, build customer confidence and allow the industry to make optimum use of available capacity.

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  • Resilience

    Building a robust framework

    The COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine showed that European ATM the importance to maintain critical infrastructure. Further insights are expected from a research workshop in Sofia exploring the subject.

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  • EU - US Benchmark

    Accepting diversity

    For decades, attempts have been made to compare American and European air traffic control - without success, as the two organisations are too different. It's like apples and pears - both taste good but are different.

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  • 08 MAR 2023CANSO and FABEC partner at FABEC OPS Theatre to deliver critical insights into the future of ATM operations
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  • 11 JAN 2023FABEC Council welcomes Belgian presidency in annual change of leadership following German tenure
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  • 05 JAN 2023FABEC CEO Board remains focused on environmental performance in annual leadership change to ANA Luxembourg
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  • 05 JAN 2023FABEC CEO Board remains focused on environmental performance in annual leadership change to ANA Luxembourg
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  • 03 OCT 2023XMAN PMT#61 & Dev. Group#21 meeting
  • 06 OCT 2023AIM SG #56
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  • 09 OCT 2023HAG 02 / 2023
    Bordeaux DSNA
  • 24 OCT 2023InterFAB Performance Workshop
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The airspace of the six FABEC States of Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland is one of the busiest and most complex in the world.

The majority of major European airports, major civil airways and military training areas are located in this area. FABEC airspace covers 1.7 million km and handles about 5.8 million flights per year - 55% of European air traffic.