• we work together to keep the skies safe
  • we work together to keep the skies safe
  • we work together to keep the skies safe

FABEC - we work together to keep the skies safe

Since June 2013, the Functional Airspace Block Europe Central, known as FABEC is officially in operation. It comprises the airspace of the six FABEC States of Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland and is one of the busiest in the world. FABEC handles about 5.8 million flights per year - 55% of European air traffic.


Volatility in Air Traffic and its impact on ATM Performance. Upcoming FABEC and Baltic FAB conference will shed light on short-, medium- and long-term causes and means to reduce impact of traffic shifts.

Volatility causes an unpredicted change in traffic, influencing magnitude and/or location, and hence has an immediate effect on the performance of Air Traffic Management in Europe, which aims at balancing capacity provision and traffic demand. A research workshop organized by FABEC and Baltic FAB held in partnership with the German Aviation Research Society and Warsaw School of Economics on 15 and 16 May 2018 aims at bringing together academics and practitioners, providing a forum for mutual exchange. 

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Latest Media Releases

  • 15/Dec/2017New leadership for the FABEC CEO board
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  • 11/Dec/2017Deployment of Free Route Airspace in the core area of Europe on the fast track
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  • 06/Dec/2017Operations: Further improvement of airspace management in the European Core Area - Additional Direct Routes available in Swiss airspace
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  • 29/Nov/2017Operations: «Aix-Geneva»-Interface: improved dynamic cross-border sectorisation between France and Switzerland increases safety and fluidity
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  • 23/Oct/2017New-generation voice communications system goes live for better- performing and more secure air traffic management
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  • 16/Oct/2017Understanding weather phenomena in ATM: Need for further analysis of weather phenomena impacting air traffic confirmed by MET Alliance investigation
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XMAN Extended Arrival Management

Extended Arrival Management XMAN enables an optimised traffic flow into the major airports within and close to the FABEC airspace to generate performance improvements especially in terms of environment (CO2 and fuel-burn reduction), safety (reduction in stack holding) and capacity (reduction in traffic bunching/workload).

The idea of XMAN is described in a new video.

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Inside ANSPs

  • DSNA | 17/Jan/2018DSNA deploys continuous efforts to modernize ATM
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  • Belgocontrol | 10/Jan/2018Increased preferential runway use at Brussels airport in 2017
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  • LVNL | 03/Jan/2018Smart Radio: Harmonization, flexibility and improved energy efficiency through the renewal of skyguide’s radio system
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  • Belgocontrol | 03/Jan/2018Belgocontrol doubles Charleroi airport capacity in low visibility conditions
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  • DFS | 02/Jan/201825 years of ensuring safety in Germany's skies
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  • ANA | 19/Dec/2017Lux-Airport receives Aerodrome Certification
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Free Route

FABEC ANSPs agreed on one common concept of operations to ensure a harmonised process. First implementations took place in December 2017 in the Maastricht airspace (read more). Further developments will follow in spring 2018 in the German airspace.

To ensure smooth implementation airspace users, the Network Manager and dispatch providers are closely involved in the project.

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Upcoming Events

  • 29/Jan/20182nd FABEC RAD Workshop
    DFS, Langen
  • 31/Jan/2018InterFAB Performance Workshop
    Bulatsa, Sofia
  • 06/Mar/2018World ATM Congress 2018
  • 13/Mar/2018SC Operations + Head of ACC Group
    DSNA, Paris
  • 15/May/2018Research Workshop on Volatility in Air Traffic and its impact on ATM Performance
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  • 20/Jun/2018SC Operations
    skyguide, Zurich
  • 19/Sep/2018SC Operations
    MUAC, Maastricht
  • 12/Dec/2018SC OPS/62
    Belgocontrol, Brussels